Parent information for Teen Drivers

These are items that you NEED TO KNOW and things we see most teens need to work on:


1 - Parents PLEASE drive with your teen as much as possible and even when you are driving explain the rules of the road to them.


2 - Most beginning drivers struggle with turning and speed in turning. Take them to a neighborhood and let they get familiar with the car and handling of the car turning .


 3 - When driving with your teenager keep the distractions down, TURN OFF or PUT YOUR phone on Silent. Keep passengers to a minimum until they are comfortable in traffic.


4 - Explain to them what blind spots are and how to check them even if your vehicle has blind spot warning sensors.


5 - Teach them proper following distance and to keep distance between them and the vehicle in front of them when stopped in traffic. The driver should be able to see the rear tires of the vehicle in front of them touch the road . PLEASE talk to them about DEFENSIVE DRIVING and to always obey all traffic laws.


6 - IF YOU TEXT and DRIVE THEY WILL, driving habits are learned behavior and they start learning as soon as you turn their car seat forward.


7 - Be very very patient and do not discuss school work, household chores, etc. You are there to help them learn to drive SAFELY This should be your total concern at this point when in the car with them driving.


8 - DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO SIGN YOUR TEEN UP FOR DRIVERS EDUCATION- Most all schools are just like us, there are only so many hours a day for the behind the wheel instruction during the school year . Saturday’s and School Holidays fill up way in advance . It is fairly common for our Behind the Wheel driving times to be 2-3 weeks out year round due to limited time after school. During the summers is not as big an issue naturally.


9 - PLEASE if you can not keep a driving appointment give us as much notice as possible so we can fill that spot We always have a waiting list As of right now we do not charge for missed appointments but if an appointment is missed without notification they will go to the bottom of our list. We can be reached 24/7 via email.


10 - All 15 & 16 yr old drivers must have SDCDMV Form PDLA (we refer to it as the School Paper) signed by the school they attend, Driving School that they completed their drivers education in and a parent . The parent is signing that the teen has driven 40 hours, 10 of those at night. The SCDMV does not ask for any verification of this BUT this is you teenagers life you are putting at risk by taking a short cut.



11 - IF your teen is taking the Road Test with PDS a Parent or LEGAL Guardian YOU MUST SIGN THE CONSENT FORM from DMV at our office PRIOR to us administering the Road Test.


12 - Our goal is to teach your teen be a safe and competent driver but it is a team effort that needs a lot of your help as well.


13 - Please review the Parent Driving videos the Traffic Safety Education Foundation . Andy Pilgrim is a keynote speaker at our State Drivers Education (SCDTSEA) every year and does this FREE OF CHARGE. These are very informative.

parent driving Videos

The Parent Driving Zone by Andy Pilgrim  - This DVD is designed to help any parent, wanting to help teach their child to drive, with a huge amount of unique knowledge not found anywhere else. If a parent learns and follows the safer practices described in The Parent Driving Zone, then their child will get much more out of the whole driver education process, whether the parent is the only teacher, or the child attends any other kind of driver education course. Want to view the entire DVD?

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